The Pre-Kindergarten program provides a positive first introduction to school. Students will enjoy developmentally appropriate learning experiences in the areas of Pre-Reading, Pre-Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Pre-Writing(Penmanship), Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills, Music, Art, Computers, and Gym. Students will participate in Learning Centers, Small and Large Group Instruction, or Individual Instruction based on monthly themes or holidays. Show and Tell is assigned as a Family "Homework" project. A show and tell schedule will be made and instructions will be given for projects. All students will practice social skills such as self control and conflict resolution; self help skills such as buttoning, zippering, eating neatly and cleaning up after themselves; academic skills such as focus, attention span, staying on task, and completing a project or activity. Lessons and activities are modified according to student's age group - 3yr old or 4 and 5yr old. 4 and 5yr olds who will be attending Kindergarten the following year will receive a more intensive Kindergarten prep program emphasizing Kindergarten readiness skills. Children must be 5 by September 1st to attend the Msgr. McHugh Kindergarten program.



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