ALL volunteers in the school MUST complete the Virtus Training. Please click here to go to the Diocese of Scranton Virtus Training webpage for more information and the upcoming schedule of trainings.

Volunteers make the difference at MMS. Parents work in partnership with the faculty and staff throughout the school. On any given day, you can find a number of parents planning events, decorating the school, helping in the kitchen, supervising children at recess, assisting in the classroom or working in either the main office or nurse’s office.

Each family is required to complete volunteering hours, but the specific requirement depends on how many children from the family attend either MMS or Notre Dame. Since we are one school system, your family hours will count at both schools, and you can complete your hours at either school.

How many hours do you need?
30 hours per family

What are some of the ways you can volunteer?

Assist in the cafeteria Spaghetti Dinner or Craft Fair Santa or Bunny Breakfast
Assist at recess Decorating Committee Spaghetti Dinner
Bake sales Office work Race For Education
Book Nook Lunch Ticket Sales Vision/Hearing Screening
Booster Club (nights) Parents Active with Students (PAWS) Email: paws@monsignormchugh.org Chess Club

How can you sign up for volunteer opportunities?
Kitchen or Recess – You don’t have to sign up, just go in whenever you can.
Booster Club or Parent Network Organization – Attend the next meeting (see calendar)

How can I find out about volunteering opportunities?
The most important way to keep current on what opportunities are available is to read the weekly newsletter sent home with your child every Thursday in their Family Envelope

How do you get credit for the volunteering that you do?
Every time you volunteer, be sure to log your time into the “Volunteer Book” in the main office. Ask anyone in the office to point it out to you.

What if you do a project off-site and don’t go into the school to log in the hours?
Call in your hours to the main office to get credit and the secretary will log your hours for you.




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