Transportation & Facilities

Students arriving on bus for first day of school.

The Monsignor McHugh Campus is complete with a baseball field, soccer field and playground. There are two parking lots, one for faculty and staff and one for parents and visitors. Inside the school, we are blessed with a full cafeteria and a gymnasium that includes a stage for our concerts and plays. On the second floor, there is a chapel, complete library and media center, a state-of-the art computer lab, and science lab.

Students from Pocono Mountain School District, Stroudsburg School District, East Stroudsburg School District, and Wallenapaupack Area School District are bussed to Monsignor McHugh school by their home district. Parents also have the option of driving their children. Students who reside in other school districts must be driven to the school.

Dismissal Logistics
At the end of the school day, bus riders are called district by district to board their buses. It is imperative that bus riders are ready to be dismissed when they are called to ensure that all buses are on time back to the drop-off point.

Car-Riders are dismissed after the school buses have left the parking lot. Parents who decide to pick up their children at school should park in the main parking lot. Once the buses have left, the teachers will bring the children out. Parents are asked to remain behind the yellow line in the parking lot and let your children come to you.  Once all children have gone to their vehicles, the principal will direct traffic out of the parking lot. Please do not leave your parking spot until you are instructed to do so.  To ensure the safety of everyone, the parking lot will be emptied from left to right (if you are facing the school).
Hint:  if you need to get out of the parking lot quickly, park as far to the left as possible, even if you are in the back of the parking lot.

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