Admissions & Enrollment

Enrollment at Monsignor McHugh School generally takes place during the months of February and March for the new school year, although new students can be accepted up until the first day of school. Student transfers can be accepted up to the end of the 2nd quarter of the current year. Early registration is recommended so that a seat in class can be guaranteed. The forms that are needed for enrollment are as follows:

1. Monsignor McHugh School Registration Forms.
2. Tuition Contract
3. Health, Dental and Immunization forms
4. Transportation forms from your home school district
5. Request of records form from your previous school (if applicable)
6. Parish verification forms signed by your pastor (for Catholic students only)

2019-2020 Registration Forms

* Transfer students and their parents are generally required to meet with the principal
* Transfer students in grades 4 through 8 must take a placement test. This can be scheduled by appointment as well.
* New Kindergarten students need to be screened. Screening are scheduled in May, but may be scheduled at other times by appointment.


Scholarship Foundation Tuition Assistance 
The Diocese of Scranton Scholarship Foundation provides tuition assistance awards available to all schools in the Diocese. This tuition assistance is funded through the the Pennsylvania State Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program1. Corporations are allowed to designate their contributions for specific Scholarship Organizations and Schools and receive significant tax credits.

Applications for tuition assistance from the Scholarship Foundation for the next academic year are typically available in each school beginning in February.  Applicants for tuition assistance are ranked based on financial need. The amount of money for a school varies because donors have the option of designating their contributions for specific schools or allowing them to be used wherever the need is greatest. Therefore, enlisting the support of our Monroe County business community is crucial in provisioning more funds for Monsignor McHugh School and ultimately giving more families the option to choose Monsignor McHugh.

HB 996, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

Companies that want information on the EITC program and how to make a contribution can call the Diocese of Scranton Finance Office at 570-207-2237.

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