4th Grade

Fourth grade is full of learning! Our children are busy learning in Math from how to identify numbers in the millions, how to multiply two and three digit number, basic fractions, difference between angles, and the customary units of measurement. Science is always fun for this grade as they travel through the ecosystems, Earth's resources, matter/energy and heat, magnetism, and the Solar System. Our class is then taking on the chapters of government, regions of the U.S, our country's history, and maps.


5th Grade

While our fifth graders enjoyed the easy work, now they are multiplying whole numbers and decimals. Our students are learning to collect data and graph their results, how to measure solids, how to handle fractions when multiplying/dividing/adding/subtracting, and the basics of Algebra. While in fifth grade, our students continue to travel through time and learn about Native Americans, European explorers, Thirteen original colonies, American Revolution, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the western expansion, and the Civil War. While sitting in Science, this class will see how organisms survive int their environment, the human body, water cycle and weather, forces and motion, and the changing forms of energy.

At MMS 5th Graders are provided with opportunities to use technology as a means to learn and apply new skills. These skills encompass what is necessary to become articulate communicators. Other opportunities include Catholic worship through liturgical prayer, songs, and action. As the 5th Grade teacher I seek to provide a comfortable environment where all children are encouraged to be the best version of themselves.



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