1st Grade

Our first grade classroom is a faith-based learning environment that not only encompasses textbook learning but also Montessori style hands on materials as well as STREAM materials. We have many center areas for children to work 1-1, in small and large groups. We use an interactive Science curriculum, as well as Scholastic News for Social Studies and Science. We have many special classes throughout the week like Health, Gym, Art, Music, Informational Resources, and Spanish.  We also have free periods for the children to explore and create. We work hand in hand with you and your child in supporting their learning styles and making the classroom a fun learning experience for your child.


2nd Grade

Second grade is so much fun!  We believe in following the golden rule and we always have a growth mindset. We keep learning interesting by doing fun activities and crafts. Some topics we cover are: the Solar System, types of communities, Sacraments, place value, money and time, comprehension and fluency, and we begin writing in cursive by the end of the year. Second grade is the BEST!


3rd Grade

The students are introduced to multiplication, division, and fractions. Some begin writing cursive for the first time. We also learn about current events through the use of Scholastic. One important value the teacher tries to instill in the students is, "Treat everyone as you would like to be treated."



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